Everything about The Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle is summed up in our love of the written word for, by, and/or about African-American, AfroEuropean, AfroLatinx, Caribbean, and AfroAsian peoples.

We specifically work with middle and high school students in the St.Louis metropolitian area and welcome public, private, and homeschool participants to join us for an eight-week opportunity to engage with like-minded teens.

The young people meet in area coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, museums, parks, or even poolside to chat over the material they read, enjoy a laugh or two, and have a snack.

We read real books, write with real paper and pencil, and for a couple hours on a Tuesday evening in the summer, slow down to think.

This is a summer experience founded and directed by Antona Brent Smith, M.B.A., Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Tayé Foster Bradshaw Group with thirty years of experience in marketing strategy, branding, creative communication, writing, program management, and non-profit educational endeavors.

Interested! We’d love for you join us!



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